Livia Figueiredo


I love photography at the same level as I love pugs and memes on the internet so that means A LOT. 

I make my partner pose in photos so we can also have nice memories <3 

I make my partner pose in photos so we can also have nice memories <3 

I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and before moving to Ireland I got a degree in Sociology and Political Sciences because I was fascinated to understand how we live as a society and for a while I was happy, but at the end I still missed having a creative outlet. 

When I was 24 I decided to leave my comfort zone and travel abroad for the first time, I left my apartment, job, boyfriend and took the leap. I decide that Ireland would be my first destination and it was love at the first sight (the fact that I came in a sunny July may affected my judgment). 

The love affair with Ireland that suppose to last 6 months still lives on 5 years later. Here I discovered that the camera I bought to document my trip was more than just a hobby. I found in Ireland and in the Irish people the welcoming environment that made my art blossom and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Since moving here I've  crossed paths with some amazing people and I hope that you can be part of this amazing journey with me too!

If you are cool, easy going and wants to have amazing wedding pictures, please send me a message, let's create some great memories together!