Welcome, let me show you around!

Hey, you! Thank you for coming all the way to my first blog post!

If you don't know me and google just brought you here make sure you check my About page so you can learn a little about me.  But if you are here because you have been following my work, please have a seat and let's talk ;) . 

I started photography here in Ireland almost 5 years ago. Started as a hobby, it was my first time traveling abroad and I got an entry level camera (Nikon Coolpix - very good camera if you are starting even though now I'm team Canon!). 

Soon I started to get more and more into it and my I get my first wedding, oh the excitement! Since then I couldn't stop photographing and my love for photography showed through. I was honored to have been part of so many happy days. 


That doesn't mean it was a road without any bumps. More than a year and a half ago my house got broke into and they stole all my gear. When you are a photographer that's one of your biggest fears. I was starting to settle my clientele and in a second all my equipment was gone. 

In times like these that you start to revalued your decisions. If that's what you want, if being a photographer it's for you. It's not always easy, but even with not having a camera I couldn't see myself being anything else. 

I found in other professionals the kindness and support I needed to keep going and 2016 I started with all my gear back. It was hard, I'm not gonna lie, there was some tears involved, a lot of sleepless night but the tears of joy when I got my new camera back were the ones that were worth it. 

New beginnings are hard but when you find your path, even the bumpy roads can be the most enjoyable ones. Another step towards this new beginnings it's my brand new website. 

I hope you enjoy and that you come on another great journey with me.