How to choose your wedding photographer


Finding the perfect photographer for your day it's never an easy task and I've seen many brides reaching out to met after looking for endless portfolios and websites and they always say the same thing : booking the photographer and finding the right dress are the most difficult things to do!

I'm here to help with at least half of your problem! (Although I would love to get a post about dresses here soon), so here's how to find the best wedding photographer for you. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions,

When meeting your photographer make 100% sure that he/she is the one. At my meetings I usually make sure I know all about the couple. From how they met (just because I love a good love story), how he/she proposed and how they envision their ideal wedding and I encourage them to ask everything about me too. I'm not that shy and I believe in getting to know my couple so when their big day comes they are as comfortable with me being there as I am to be part of such an special day. 

Check their portfolio, get recommendations

Check their images, their albums (even when you are just going for digital images). I always make sure you have at least one print included in any package I offer. Why? Because even though I'm all for technology and how it made our lives easier nothing like looking and touching a print  to re-live such special moment as your wedding day and that's why photography exists. 

Also, don't be afraid to ask for the contact of a previous couple that worked with your photographer. Recommendations are the base for every wedding photographer, happy clients are the best advertising we can get and there's a reason why., they worked with us and they know how much your wedding photographer can deliver. 

Trust your wedding photographer

One thing I that as a wedding photographer I always hope for a couple it's that they listen to me. Not only to my silly jokes but also when it comes to planning the timeline for their day. 

I'll make a more detail post about how to organise and maximize your wedding timeline in the future, but in summary it's like this: we as wedding photographers know how the day usually goes and we understand when and where would be best time/location to capture the best images. 

Photographing in Ireland it's always a little challenge, the landscapes are amazing but the rainy weather and the sun that sometimes doesn't even grace us with it's presence can be a obstacle. I learned to work with what I have and when working with a client being able to help them to organise which time and how much time we will have for their portraits or family pictures can be essential so make sure you trust your wedding photographer to lead you to the best option. (Wedding Planners can also be amazing helpers! )  

Finally, you have to really like him

At the end, it doesn't matter how stunning a portfolio looks, how affordable their package might be or how experienced the photographer is, you have to essentially like them. Not only his pictures but his/hers personality. You have to be comfortable around him and make sure his "vibe" aligns with your wedding day. If you want to have a fun, quirky wedding, maybe hiring someone that's more of the traditional style might not be the right fit, it's all about a connection, trust your gut, don;t always think with your wallet, trust me!