S + D - Murder Mystery Themed Wedding- Talbot Hotel, Wexford - Ireland.

A murder mystery themed wedding, how cooler can this get? Impossible! 

When Shaunna and Daniel told the themed of the wedding I have to be honest, I did a happy dance in front of my laptop, such a cool theme for sure would have a an amazing couple behind, and I was definitely right about that! 

Thought the day, a typical winter day in November, you could see how the whole room was filled with great and warm people and the couple couldn't be more in love. 

Every guest came in character with 1920's inspired looks and after the ceremony (where Daniel got his guitar and serenade Shaunna with the Proclaimers song, "500 Miles" all the guests received their parts and they would have to acted and solve a murder mystery during the reception time, talk about keeping your guests busy!!


Wedding In Partnership with DS.