Mini Break - Portlaiose - Rock Dunamase

Who doesn't love holidays, specially if you are in a sunny beach somewhere? I certainly do, but this year has been such a crazy one, working so much that unfortunately having a 15 day break wasn't possible, but me and my partner NEEDED a few days off so we decided to go to a small town 1 hour from Dublin, Portaloise for a much needed couple time! :) 

We stayed in the Heritage Portaloise Hotel that was perfect for us, the fact that they had a indoor pool and a hot tub was definitely the reason why we booked! hahaha

After my partner tried, with no success, to teach my how to swim ( i'm almost 30 and I don;t swim, please do't judge me! ) and we spent a few hours Pokemon hunting (yes, really) we decided the next day to get a car and do a little hiking and we went to the Rock Dunamase.

The hike it's very easy (specially for me that it's definitely not the sporty girl) and you could see the whole town form above, I recommend checking it out!