How being in front of the camera made me a better photographer.

Impromptu couple's session in our recent trip to Glasgow, UK.  

There’s thousands of photographers out and several of them share their experience on how to light in a flattering way or how to pose your subject creatively and don’t get me wrong, all of those things really help but the thing that helped me the most was being in front of the camera, sounds silly but bear with me here.

I’ve been photographing couples for a while now and I’m so grateful that I had the most amazing, opened and patient couples that let me create some great images specially in such a overwhelming day such as your wedding day.  My motto it’s to exist in photos, to document your story so it exists through the years, but I’ve been lacking to do that myself, so how can I convince couples to do so?

The solution was clear: face my fears and be in front of the camera. Me, as I believe everyone else in the world, have a few insecurities about my own image and stepping out of my comfort zone to actually document my own happiness is a good reason to face my fears.

A while ago my partner and I started to make an effort to print even the silly “selfies” we took on our phone but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know how you would feel to be in front of the camera, to actually stop and “pose” and creating not only images of us, but us as a couple so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last months and I tell you, it's been great.

Allowing myself to “Exist in photos” changed my perspective of the value of my work. When I look at some of the images of us I know that they are not only good images but I also remember the day we took them, how fun was that trip or how much we laugh at that car ride.

That’s what photography is all about, it’s about capturing the real emotion of that moment and that’s what I inspire to do every time I photograph, every time I go to a engagement photo shoot or their wedding I always tell my couples to make a day of it and I truly mean it because I now know that if I let go of my fears of maybe not looking perfect in a shot and just enjoy that moment with the person beside me that’s all I will remember in years from now and that's what I call great memories.