Pugs, pugs, pugs!

This week I took a break from all wedding related content firstly because there's a great amount of Christmas events going on (and shopping) and also because this week I got to be in heaven.

Everyone that knowns me knows that I'm obsessed with pugs. I just love them! Even though I don't own one at the moment but I've been wishing and planning for years to get one. Since my love for pugs is intense, I found out there was a pug meeting at Phoenix Park every month and I decided I needed to check it out, so last Sunday I went and it was just heaven!

More than 20 pugs all going crazy and running around and to top everything they were dresses in Christmas clothes!! So I took a few images and I hope you all enjoy it.

The meeting it's always held by the Dublin Pug Club   every 3rd Sunday of the month at Phoenix Park.

For the pug owners I set it up a Dropbox folder and add the images below and a few extras, few free to download them here