S+ E Engagement Session | Galway Wedding Photographer | Why Engagement Photos are important!


This couple right here is a living proof of why you should have engagement photos done before you wedding! I can't wait to share their wedding day at Bellinter House but their engagement session in Galway was so lovely that I couldn't not post. 

Lately I've been talking more and more to couples about the importance of having your pictures taken before your wedding day. I already gave you 5 reasons why you should have an engagement session, but I just wanted to go a little more in depth, specially for the people who are looking to hire a wedding photographer but not sure how to choose one. 

When it comes down to why photography is what I love and how I get the best of my couples is all about one word: trust. They need to trust me and be free in front of the camera, sounds easy but it's not. 

To be yourself in a uncomfortable situation where all you want to do is look alright for your photos it's important that not only you trust your photographer but also that your photographer understands what kind of couple you two are. 

I like to really know my couples and I genuinely care about what they have to say because when you care that shows in the images.

I receive so many emails of people asking for natural photos or how do you get candid and unposed images and it all comes down to genuinely caring about the people in front of the camera, wanting them to be their best selves and wanting to show how beautiful their love is.

 We go for a tea before or a pint, whatever it takes for us to know each other a little more and I tell about my weird obsession with pugs and most of the times they laugh (because they are polite lovely people) but we and up a little closer and after all that being in front of the camera doesn't sound so scary because I'm not a random person with a huge camera hiding my face, hopefully I'm a pug lover that will make you laugh on your wedding day and get the best giggles between you and your partner that cares about your story and that's why I decided to have my own business and that's why I keep getting fantastic people in front of my camera because we all care. 

Have all this in mind before saying no to an engagement session, make it a day to invest in your memories!