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Stay and Couple's Session at Bellinter House - Ireland

This weekend I had the pleasure to stay at Bellinter House, which is a very well know wedding venue near Meath, Ireland.

Usually, as a wedding photographer I get to go to amazing wedding venues but the day goes by so fast and I never get the chance to enjoy the venue with time, so for Easter me and my partner had the chance (gifted to us from our lovely friends) to stay there and I have to say: such a lovely staff, comfortable beds and overall great experience! 

Even though I was taking the time to relax I made sure to snap a few shots and take a few pics with my partner, I said here before how important it's to have nice pictures of you as a couple and how I making a effort to document our story too and I hope you enjoy it. 

D+D - Cool and Unique City Wedding - The Gibson Hotel, Dublin Ireland

I'm sending their gallery very soon but I couldn't help myself to share my two favorite images of their day! So cool when a couple let you experiment and play with what could be an ordinary location and turn their images into something unique, it's what makes us photographers wake up with smiles on our faces!