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D+M - Engagement Session - Phoenix Park - Farmleigh House


As everyone knows I’m a big believer on engagement sessions and this one in Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park is for sure one of my favourites!

If you are considering booking a wedding photographer for your wedding I highly recommend getting a trial like an engagement session first, I say to couples, “when you are buying your wedding cake you get to taste it first so why not with your wedding photos?”.

Wedding photos are the only thing (specially if you are not hiring a videographer) left from your wedding day and is so easy to get disappointed if you and the professional you chose are not the right fit!

Also, I’m pretty sure being in front of the camera is tough for anyone so why not try it out and see that at the end it can be fun?

This is what Mike and Daryll did, they took the time to meet me and we had such a fun day and on their wedding day they knew exactly what to do (wait until you see their full wedding, it was a dream!)

Hope you enjoy the photos x

C+C | Fun Dublin Engagement Shoot - Dublin - Ireland Wedding Photographer


Are you looking for having engagement photos taken but hate the idea of doing them?

Do you love the city vibe and would love to do an engagement session in Dublin? Are you having a country side or beach wedding and would love to shoot something in the city? So you need to check this pre wedding shoot with these two cuties!

If you seen some of my work you know I work around Dublin City Centre quite a lot and this session is a good example of how we can find something cool and fun to do in Dublin and have some great photos. 

Hope you like them! x

Engagement session at Guinness Storehouse - Dublin Wedding Photographer

I always dreamed on doing an engagement session at The Guinness Storehouse since moving to Ireland 7 years ago (time flies when you are having fun I guess!!) and I did had the opportunity to shoot several times in the Guinness Storehouse for commercial photography and every time I would see another corner I thought would be fun to have a couple for it! 

Finally I met these two and convinced them to let me go and let me explore and have fun there and oh boy I'm so happy with the result and I hope you like it too. 

I've been saying for a long time how I think engagement sessions are just so important and this year I've been making sure my couples have some awesome photographs to look back years from now and also to have fun while creating those memories. 

I really hope you guys enjoy it and if you want some cool pictures of you and your partner why not to think outside the box? Which place would be your dream location for a shoot? Let me know and let's make this happen! 

Best of 2017 - Ireland Documentary Wedding Photographer


Happy Valentine's Day! What more perfect day to finally release my Best of 2017! 

2017 was such a important year in my career and it was one of my most intense ones as well, I met incredible people with some fantastic stories and together we created some of my favourites images so far. 

From outdoor ceremonies in the sun, confetti shots, two day bashes, Dublin City elopements, winter weddings full of style and everything in between, 2017 was the year where I was able to document couples that were several years together finally starting a new journey and it's just such a blessing, really. 

Being a photographer is not an easy job, I tell you. There's a constant weight (metaphorically and literally speaking - those cameras weight a ton, lol) of being the person who will document forever a spitting stone in two peoples lives and doing it in a respectful, creative and truthful way is not something that comes easily but I wouldn't do it in any other way. 

Can't wait to see what 2018 has reserved of all of us, but I have a hunch that is going to be even more amazing!

Hope you all enjoy the images xx

Engagement shoot in the streets of Dublin City

When Kelsey contact me she said that she was looking for someone to photograph her and her fiancé Keith, they were coming from Texas and they were looking to have something fun to document their trip. 

A few days after our first chat, Keith contact me separately to ask a recommendation for a makeup artist/hairstylist (made by the talented Niamh) as a surprise for Kelsey and instantly I knew that photographing them would be great. What they end up telling me later that day it's that they were looking to use of the images for their save the date! 

We had a stroll around Dublin and after deciding to not spend so much time at Stephen's Green that it's always so packed with tourists they would be up for knowing a few less touristic spots. 

We finished our session in one of my favourite pubs in Dublin, Kehoes where they have one of the best Guinness in my opinion. 

Hope you enjoy this engagement photoshoot around Dublin.

Lovely American Couple Engagement Session through Dublin City Streets

Rebecca contact me saying that it was Pat's first time in Ireland and she wanted to show him around and also have some lovely pictures of them so we chatted and planned for the day.

When we met my heart just explode! Such a beautiful inside out couple that are clearly so into each other that made my job even easier. 

I particularly love engagement sessions in Dublin City I get to show them around and share the little pieces I love about this city and as you can see in the pictures we had a great time together. 

Marfield House Wedding Photos - Gorey, Ireland

At the beginning of the year I had the pleasure to photograph the lovely Violet and Nick at the grounds of the Marfield House which I haven't been before and I was amazed by the amount of great places for wedding pictures!

After there we popped to Ballymoney beach for some couple's portraits and we got this beautiful sunset and I couldn't ask for more! 

Hope you enjoy the images as much as I do. 

How being in front of the camera made me a better photographer.

Impromptu couple's session in our recent trip to Glasgow, UK.  

There’s thousands of photographers out and several of them share their experience on how to light in a flattering way or how to pose your subject creatively and don’t get me wrong, all of those things really help but the thing that helped me the most was being in front of the camera, sounds silly but bear with me here.

I’ve been photographing couples for a while now and I’m so grateful that I had the most amazing, opened and patient couples that let me create some great images specially in such a overwhelming day such as your wedding day.  My motto it’s to exist in photos, to document your story so it exists through the years, but I’ve been lacking to do that myself, so how can I convince couples to do so?

The solution was clear: face my fears and be in front of the camera. Me, as I believe everyone else in the world, have a few insecurities about my own image and stepping out of my comfort zone to actually document my own happiness is a good reason to face my fears.

A while ago my partner and I started to make an effort to print even the silly “selfies” we took on our phone but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know how you would feel to be in front of the camera, to actually stop and “pose” and creating not only images of us, but us as a couple so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last months and I tell you, it's been great.

Allowing myself to “Exist in photos” changed my perspective of the value of my work. When I look at some of the images of us I know that they are not only good images but I also remember the day we took them, how fun was that trip or how much we laugh at that car ride.

That’s what photography is all about, it’s about capturing the real emotion of that moment and that’s what I inspire to do every time I photograph, every time I go to a engagement photo shoot or their wedding I always tell my couples to make a day of it and I truly mean it because I now know that if I let go of my fears of maybe not looking perfect in a shot and just enjoy that moment with the person beside me that’s all I will remember in years from now and that's what I call great memories. 



Smiles at Howth - Couple's Session - Dublin, Ireland

This weekend Raoni and his partner Andrew came to Ireland for a quick visit. I've have known Raoni since my college years (let's not say how many years ago so we can keep young forever, lol) and he has been one of my closest friends. 

With him I talked through many long night about life and laugh a lot on road trips and being able to photograph him and show a little of Ireland was just the best. 

I've been photographing couple's for a while now but nothing is more special than when it's someone you love. I hope you appreciate these images as much as I had taking them. 

Wedding Proposal at the heart of Dublin City - St. Patrick's Cathedral

After Christmas several wedding proposal stories starting popping out on social media and I have to say I LOVE reading all of them! 

I was very fortunate to actually photograph a destination wedding proposal for a lovely american couple. It was her birthday and our session would be her birthday gift.

When I arrive she was beyond excited and had NO idea he was going to pop the question! He said he wanted to ask her at St. Patrick's because it's her favourite one back in the States so we had a stroll inside and then went to the gardens for the big moment. 

You can see in the images how surprised she was! Funny fact: the engagement ring actually didn't properly fit, although it looked fabulous !