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It's finally here, the Best Wedding Photos of 2018! - Dublin, Ireland Wedding Photographer

Press Play!

O.M.G. 2018 was one to remember! (Also, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!)

Like last year, I decided to celebrate the “most romantic day of the year” by celebrating the love, happiness and all in between that I was so blessed to capture last year.

Being a wedding photographer for me has allowed me to meet so many beautiful souls, get to see so many moments that will be forever favourites in someone’s life and I don’t take this for granted!

I’m so grateful that I get to call this a job, that I get to see human nature at its best where people share their love, tears and all that comes with it in the most honest way.

That’s the joy of weddings, it’s all about the people.

In a time where social media makes everything looks perfect and the same I get to see beauty in every shape and form and love being the common denominator to all that.

When I say to my couples: “it’s about about having fun and being in the moment”I really mean it and I think 2018 was the perfect example., just watch the video and you will understand why.

I hope you enjoy this images as much as I do.

To all my 2018 couples, I couldn’t have done without you! The way you allow me in and invited me to your day is what made last year unforgettable for me and for that I’m forever grateful.

To all future couples, I can’t wait to make 2019 even better ! Let’s have some fun!

A+C - Tinakilly House Black Tie Wedding - Irish Wedding Photographer, Dublin - Ireland

Our photos are incredible and capture every single part of our day perfectly. You were so lovely to work with and knew exactly the images that needed to get. Some of our guests even referred to you as a ninja, always in the right spot to capture our special moments. We couldn’t have asked for better photos and a better person to spend the day with. Thank you so much for allowing us to relive all our special moments
— Aideen + Colin

Want to know how to have a black tie wedding and look incredible but also have the best time and have so much fun? Well, this is the wedding you can take inspo from!

Aideen and Colin first priority was to have a relaxed day where they could have the most fun with their friends and family and choosing to do everything at Tinakilly House (from getting ready up to their dancing) was for sure the right choice.

Often couples are faced with the decision of having everything on site or being in separate venues and although I understand why couples would like to have their wedding in a church, if you are not having one and choosing a fab venue and they can accommodate you two getting ready I would highly recommend! Is the easiest hassle free way to get the most out of your day and make sure you are not running around all day which mean more time to spend with your guests ! \o/

Hope you like the images and get some ideas of how to look amazing like these two without losing a minute of fun!


Supplier List

Venue: Tinakilly House

Hair: Hair by Aisling

Makeup: Lynsey Keogh

Wedding Dress: Folkster

Bridesmaids Dress (if applicable): Chi Chi

Rings: E-jewels

Jewellery: Jules Bridal

Bride Shoes:Kurt Geiger

Groom Shoes:Dune

Flower/Bouquets:Austen Flowers

Cake:Offbeat Donuts


Videographer: Shadow & Substance

Two day wedding at Dublin City Centre | Dublin Wedding Photographer, Ireland.


If you have been following me awhile you will know I'm a sucker for city weddings. Dublin City weddings are not easy but they are one of my favourite ones to shoot because the city is constantly changing ad there's so much to see and gladly Geraldine and John share my opinion and they wanted to showcase a few of the many beautiful corners of the city centre for their portraits. 

They had their ceremony at the University Church (which looks stunning!)  for the first day of the wedding then had to the Westbury for their drinks reception and finished off at The Residence for an intimate meal with their guests, the next day they had to Clontarf Castle where they party with a bunch of their friends and celebrated their wedding all over again! 

Here is some of the best images from the two days, hope you guys enjoy it I just had the best time shooting their wedding! 

Supplier List: 

Venues: University Church, The Westbury, The Residence, Clontarf Castle

Hair: Gina

Makeup: Nicole Lynch

Wedding Dress: The Bridal Outlet Baldoyle

Suits: Louis Copeland

Groomsmen Suits: Protocol Dawson St

Rings: Bride, from mother. Groom Duggans Jewelers Fairview Dublin 3

Bride Shoes:Badgley Mischka

Flower/Bouquets: The Yard, Clontarf

Cake: Creative Cakes

Any other entertainment: Paul Harrington

F+M | Boyne Hill Estate Wedding Preview | Wedding Photographer Navan, Ireland


Boyne Hill House is one of the those wedding venues that there's a lot of lovely little spots to shoot and I was glad to be back there once more, here's a small preview looking forward to share the full gallery soon. I hope you like it! 

Supplier List: 

Venue: Boyne Hill House Estate

Makeup: Michelle T Makeup

Wedding Dress: Frilly Frocks, Drogheda

Suits: Sean Freemans, Drogheda

Bridesmaid Dress: Coast

Groomsman Suites: Sean Freemans

Rings: Fields

Jewelry: Newbridge

Brides Shoes: Rachel Simpson

Grooms Shoes: Paddy Dwyers

Flowers/Bouquets: Josephine Sullivan

Cake: Black and Coulter

Any other Entertainment: Caricature Niall O’Loughlin

Band/DJ: Rubix Band

A+B Emotional City Hall - Angler's Rest Wedding - Dublin, Ireland


Grab the tissues because this wedding is just amazing. 

Antoinette and Ben met in Seoul while teaching and they instantly feel in love after matching in a online dating website. They lived in Vietnam together before that they endure a long distance relationship which it was a tough one. 

After getting his grandmother ring after a trip to his family in Michigan and knowing he wanted to be with her for the rest of their lives. Sadly no long after their trip they found out that Antoinette had a lump on her breast and she would need to go under treatment in Dublin while he stayed in Vietnam still waiting to propose!

As he says: "Antoinette had started chemotherapy at this stage and had lost most of her hair. I knew I wanted to propose but I didn't know how much energy Antoinette had or how she would be feeling. On a whim, and since she was feeling up to it, we decided to take the ferry to Inishmore. Antoinette was weak but she wanted to rent a tandem bike just like we did in Gyeongju, South Korea. I wanted to get a horse and buggy but she refused. We rode our bike to the other side of the island, to Dún Aonghasa. There, high above the rocks and waves, I asked Antoinette to marry me. She said yes and we've both been giddy and smiling ear to ear ever since. I gave her my grandmother's ring, designed by my grandfather.”

When I met Antoinette we chatted on how planning the wedding whilst in treatment was helping her to keep the energy and the hope, her and Ben actually DIY'ed all the decoration which gave an extra special touch in the whole day. 

At the end their wedding was just so full of energy and love, they had a 1950's wedding themed day and even a tandem bike like they did in South Korea and in their proposal and they drove to the door of Angler's Rest which was just awesome!

Is weddings like these that being a wedding photographer is just a blessing and knowing and sharing stories of couples like Antoinette and Ben it's such a honour. 



Stay and Couple's Session at Bellinter House - Ireland

This weekend I had the pleasure to stay at Bellinter House, which is a very well know wedding venue near Meath, Ireland.

Usually, as a wedding photographer I get to go to amazing wedding venues but the day goes by so fast and I never get the chance to enjoy the venue with time, so for Easter me and my partner had the chance (gifted to us from our lovely friends) to stay there and I have to say: such a lovely staff, comfortable beds and overall great experience! 

Even though I was taking the time to relax I made sure to snap a few shots and take a few pics with my partner, I said here before how important it's to have nice pictures of you as a couple and how I making a effort to document our story too and I hope you enjoy it. 

Sunny couple session at Stephen's Green - Dublin, Ireland

There's nothing more lovely then a sunny day in the park with someone you love.

If I happen to be there to photograph I think that's even better ;) 

Here's a session I had with Pearse and Tabitha a while back. I just love how easy going and fun the whole images look and it's because they were so easy and cool!

Let the sunny season begin! 


S + D - Murder Mystery Themed Wedding- Talbot Hotel, Wexford - Ireland.

A murder mystery themed wedding, how cooler can this get? Impossible! 

When Shaunna and Daniel told the themed of the wedding I have to be honest, I did a happy dance in front of my laptop, such a cool theme for sure would have a an amazing couple behind, and I was definitely right about that! 

Thought the day, a typical winter day in November, you could see how the whole room was filled with great and warm people and the couple couldn't be more in love. 

Every guest came in character with 1920's inspired looks and after the ceremony (where Daniel got his guitar and serenade Shaunna with the Proclaimers song, "500 Miles" all the guests received their parts and they would have to acted and solve a murder mystery during the reception time, talk about keeping your guests busy!!


Wedding In Partnership with DS. 

DIY- Sunday : Sweetheart Vase


Sunday is usually my day off where I try to relax and spend some quality time with my other half, although realistically we do the groceries, do the wash and watch Netflix, pretty basic couple stuff! Haha 

As you probably can tell from my pictures, I just love flowers!  

My grandma and my mom ALWAYS had at least one small vase at home and even though I live in a tiny space I try my best to have a little vase at mine as well and it's usually re-used glasses from tomato sauces (hey, I'm not cheap I'm just a hipster/green team ;) ). 


During the Valentines season I got in Penneys some Valentine's banding and some of the hearts I kept to re-use at some shoot, but after getting my hot glue gun in Tiger (OHMYGOD that place is DIY heaven!) , this Sunday I decided to go for it and I pimp this jar and transform in a sweetheart vase!! 

It's a cute way to make your house a little more romantic or even to create some fun and cute wedding decor!  

You will need: 


Hot glue gun (this is from Tiger as you can see from the box! ) 

Hot glue gun (this is from Tiger as you can see from the box! ) 

Cute flowers  

Cute flowers  

Heart decorations (this are from Penneys) 

Heart decorations (this are from Penneys) 

A glass jar

A glass jar

Hot glue guns take patience and some heat resistant fingers! But my advice it's to take your time and add the glue in strategic places and hold the heart in place until it feels cold and secure enough. 

You can add other things like ribbons and all other kinds of cute things but I like how just the hearts look too. 

So here's the final result :) 


If you have a go at it make sure to share it with me! Happy Sunday and Happy DIY's! :)

How to choose your wedding photographer


Finding the perfect photographer for your day it's never an easy task and I've seen many brides reaching out to met after looking for endless portfolios and websites and they always say the same thing : booking the photographer and finding the right dress are the most difficult things to do!

I'm here to help with at least half of your problem! (Although I would love to get a post about dresses here soon), so here's how to find the best wedding photographer for you. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions,

When meeting your photographer make 100% sure that he/she is the one. At my meetings I usually make sure I know all about the couple. From how they met (just because I love a good love story), how he/she proposed and how they envision their ideal wedding and I encourage them to ask everything about me too. I'm not that shy and I believe in getting to know my couple so when their big day comes they are as comfortable with me being there as I am to be part of such an special day. 

Check their portfolio, get recommendations

Check their images, their albums (even when you are just going for digital images). I always make sure you have at least one print included in any package I offer. Why? Because even though I'm all for technology and how it made our lives easier nothing like looking and touching a print  to re-live such special moment as your wedding day and that's why photography exists. 

Also, don't be afraid to ask for the contact of a previous couple that worked with your photographer. Recommendations are the base for every wedding photographer, happy clients are the best advertising we can get and there's a reason why., they worked with us and they know how much your wedding photographer can deliver. 

Trust your wedding photographer

One thing I that as a wedding photographer I always hope for a couple it's that they listen to me. Not only to my silly jokes but also when it comes to planning the timeline for their day. 

I'll make a more detail post about how to organise and maximize your wedding timeline in the future, but in summary it's like this: we as wedding photographers know how the day usually goes and we understand when and where would be best time/location to capture the best images. 

Photographing in Ireland it's always a little challenge, the landscapes are amazing but the rainy weather and the sun that sometimes doesn't even grace us with it's presence can be a obstacle. I learned to work with what I have and when working with a client being able to help them to organise which time and how much time we will have for their portraits or family pictures can be essential so make sure you trust your wedding photographer to lead you to the best option. (Wedding Planners can also be amazing helpers! )  

Finally, you have to really like him

At the end, it doesn't matter how stunning a portfolio looks, how affordable their package might be or how experienced the photographer is, you have to essentially like them. Not only his pictures but his/hers personality. You have to be comfortable around him and make sure his "vibe" aligns with your wedding day. If you want to have a fun, quirky wedding, maybe hiring someone that's more of the traditional style might not be the right fit, it's all about a connection, trust your gut, don;t always think with your wallet, trust me!