Wedding Freebies is now live!

I can't count how many times I had brides saying to me how hard it's to plan a wedding! 

Pinterest, Facebook groups and several amazing wedding blogs have a lot to offer when it comes to tips to how to have a perfect wedding, but I do find that being a wedding photographer gives me a particular perspective of how a wedding day goes and I decided to share it with you. 

Obviously I'm not an expert, but I did see a lot of things that worked (and a few that didn't) and being someone that absolutely loves weddings  and everything about it I find that having a different input might help.

The Freebies section in this website is now live and every week in December I'll be posting some new content that you can share, download and print. (My small gift to all the clients and future clients out there).

The lists/infographics are meant to share some tips from what I learned doing weddings and they are my own point of view so don't worry if you or your vendors don't agree, it's meant to be another way to help, not the whole and absolute truth! 

I hope you all like it and keep checking the website for more freebies to come!