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One day trip to the Aran Islands


A small break on the wedding posts to share our one day trip to the Aran Islands!

I was down in Connemara for a wedding and that was a perfect excuse to do something that my partner always wanted to do: go to the Aran Islands.

Since we live in Ireland Gianluca always said he wanted to go there so after the lovely wedding at Rosleague we decided to give it a go on the next day, the weather wasn’t amazing but the Islands were! That’s the beauty of my job is that I get to travel all over the country and is great to able to share with my partner (and as you will see later in the photos, every time I see good lighting I get him to pose for me, so there’s some of that to look forward lol).

The Aran Islands were such a beautiful place, just proving once again that Ireland is freaking amazing, we got a bus tour with a lovely man who showed us around (there’s several buses just when you leave the ferry, not really a need to pre book, in my opinion, and they all do the same kinda tour) you get to see most of the island in a few hours.

If you are considering going I would say DO IT! Beautiful locations and lovely crowd (there’s a lot of tourists so maybe bring a sandwich with you because the restaurants are usually packed, specially around lunch time) .

We finished the day having some lovely food and great memories, hope you enjoy some of the photos


Stay and Couple's Session at Bellinter House - Ireland

This weekend I had the pleasure to stay at Bellinter House, which is a very well know wedding venue near Meath, Ireland.

Usually, as a wedding photographer I get to go to amazing wedding venues but the day goes by so fast and I never get the chance to enjoy the venue with time, so for Easter me and my partner had the chance (gifted to us from our lovely friends) to stay there and I have to say: such a lovely staff, comfortable beds and overall great experience! 

Even though I was taking the time to relax I made sure to snap a few shots and take a few pics with my partner, I said here before how important it's to have nice pictures of you as a couple and how I making a effort to document our story too and I hope you enjoy it. 

New 85mm Sigma Art City Shoot with Bea

Being a photographer usually means you love techie stuff or at least I do. When I saw the Sigma released a new 85mm lens in the award winning Sigma Art series  I couldn't help myself. Investing in top quality gear makes mine job so much easier but also much more fun! 

So I picked the new 85mm Sigma Art lens and asked the lovely Bea to pose quickly for me in the Dublin city centre for some cool portraits, and here is some! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, can't wait to test my new baby in the weddings this season!

Roadtrip to Doolin - Dingle - Dunquin, Ireland.

I know that you are probably here thinking, why is she posting roadtrip pictures, isn't she a wedding photographer? Well, yes I'm! But I do think if you are deciding who is going to capture such an important day in your life I should share some nice moments of mine too so you get to know me! 

Me and my partner decided to drive almost 1000km in two days to see some of the places we always wanted to go in Ireland but never had a chance. There was a lot of car karaoke, stunning places and overall a great time. 

If you decide to come to Ireland to get married or if you are even from here you know that there's no lack of beautiful places, so I hope you enjoy some of the images and even get to see us in front of the camera too! (the power of a timer lol) 


Holidays in Italy - Lago Maggiore

The sun started to shine again and I thought to myself how I can't wait for summer holidays, but while this is a little far away I remember that I never posted the images from our holidays to Italy last December (and yes, I know it's March but, boy this beginning of the year was busy!)

Me and my partner drove to Lago Maggiore that's almost an hour and a half drive from Milan and spent the day. The sun was shining (even though it was cold!) and most of the shops were closed but we got to ride to the little islands around in a cool boat so that was very fun. I hope you enjoy the images. 


Pugs, pugs, pugs!

This week I took a break from all wedding related content firstly because there's a great amount of Christmas events going on (and shopping) and also because this week I got to be in heaven.

Everyone that knowns me knows that I'm obsessed with pugs. I just love them! Even though I don't own one at the moment but I've been wishing and planning for years to get one. Since my love for pugs is intense, I found out there was a pug meeting at Phoenix Park every month and I decided I needed to check it out, so last Sunday I went and it was just heaven!

More than 20 pugs all going crazy and running around and to top everything they were dresses in Christmas clothes!! So I took a few images and I hope you all enjoy it.

The meeting it's always held by the Dublin Pug Club   every 3rd Sunday of the month at Phoenix Park.

For the pug owners I set it up a Dropbox folder and add the images below and a few extras, few free to download them here

New Fuji Xt2 fun shoot with Martina

This weekend I met Martina and she, like all the other photographers or camera fanatics, was also excited to test the new Fuji Xt2. 

So when she asked me to take some portraits of her with her new baby, I couldn't say no, could I? Also, the fact that we had a blast just made working with her and taking a few portraits even more fun. 

We talked about photographers being in front of the camera more often, I even try it myself in my post about Kilkenny a few weeks ago

Even though I'm a wedding photographer, I really love doing lifestyle shoots specially here in Ireland and definitely have some more cool ones planned for the future! 



Mini Break - Kilkenny

For our last day we decided to rent a car and drive to Kilkenny.

Of course we went there because we really like the town but also because we are a huge fan of lip syncing in the car! (James Corden stole our idea, I'm telling you!) 

Between having some nice food and a nice stroll around town (not to mentioned capturing some Pokemons, again no judgement) I made my partner pose a little for me! (Being a photographer's boyfriend/girlfriend is a constant try out for a model, am I right? )

So when we were going back we came across some Scarecrow Competition in Durrow and I couldn't help myself so we stop to take some pics!

Hope you enjoy the images (specially me awkwardly trying to model and being cute with no success! haha)  

Portlaoise - Cute coffee Shop, The Pantry .

I know it was a 3 day break, but that means I have at least 3 separate blog posts!! hahaha

Nearby our hotel, we found this cute little Coffee Shop/Restaurant called The Pantry and we felt in love!

The decorations was more than cute (as you can see by the images) and the food was delicious, so if you are around that area I seriously recommend to drop by.

Ps: Yes, I was a super weirdo and took this photos during lunch time with all the customers staring at me wondering if it was my first time out ever! hahah